Olaf Liesche

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Olaf Liesche is a nature photographer from Castrop-Rauxel in North Rhine-Westphalia. His passion is wildlife photography. Most mornings he is out and about in his local habitat. Quietly, cautiously and very carefully, as if he is a part of nature. He tells us that he often doesn't need camouflage when doing this. Many animals accept him and instinctively understand that he poses no danger. Format-filling photos are then the results.

The beautiful and atmospheric pictures are only an "accessory" for Olaf. The closeness with nature and the animals is more important to him. We understand this one hundred percent. Who once in the forest, a deer or deer unexpectedly confronts, knows how majestic such an experience is. Olaf lets us participate and reminds us again of our encounters. Thank you very much for this Olaf.

In addition to wildlife photography, macro and landscape photography are another focus of his. Travels with the camper, especially to the British Isles and Norway, where also "wild" camping is allowed, are a wonderful base for any nature photographer. If 10photos would be called 20photos, then you could also enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Olaf here. And again we regret our concept ;-).

So only the visit to Flickr, 500px and Instagram @olaf_liesche helps where Olaf shows more pictures.

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