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Olaf Liesche, a nature photographer from Castrop-Rauxel in North Rhine-Westphalia, has found his passion in wildlife photography. He can usually be found in the wilderness in the morning, quietly, cautiously and carefully, as if he were an invisible part of the environment itself.

He explains that he often does not need camouflage because many animals accept him and instinctively sense that he is not a threat. The impressive and atmospheric images are only a side effect for Olaf. His deep connection with nature and animals is at the heart of everything he does.

You can only imagine. Anyone who has come face to face with a deer in the forest knows how majestic and moving such encounters can be. Olaf lets us share in these moments and reminds us of the importance of such encounters. But he also reminds us of the fragility of our natural world and the dwindling habitats of animals. It is a call for conservation, without wagging a warning finger, by authentically showing the beauty around him.

In addition to wildlife photography, Olaf also specialises in macro and landscape photography. His travels in his motorhome, especially to the British Isles and Norway, where wild camping is permitted, provide a fantastic base for this likeable nature photographer.

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10Photos says: Olaf Liesche's images are inspiring because they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reflect a deep connection with nature and animals. His sensitive approach allows him to capture intimate moments and share his encounters with the viewer. Each image tells a story and reminds us how precious and majestic nature is. This is authentic wildlife photography at its best!

If 10Photos was called 20Photos, then you could also enjoy Olaf's beautiful landscapes here. And once again we regret our concept ;-). So the only thing that helps is a visit to Flickr, 500px and Instagram @olaf_liesche , where Olaf shows more pictures.