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Markus Lenzen is a nature photographer from Eschweiler near Aachen, in the far west of North Rhine-Westphalia, not far from the Eifel-Hohes Venn National Park. His passion for nature photography began in 2008 when he felt the desire to take high quality pictures while paragliding.

Markus bought his first SLR in the firm belief that it would be enough to take great pictures. However, he soon realised that it takes more than just a good camera to take great pictures. Since then, Markus has spent a lot of time photographing nature. Despite small successes, he quickly realised how complex photography is and that you never stop learning. Today, the passionate photographer has many years of experience and is still enthusiastic about discovering new things.

The Eifel-Hohes Venn National Park, which is easily accessible for Markus, offers ideal opportunities and motifs for landscape and wildlife photography. He is particularly fond of the raised bogs of the Hohes Venn, the Brackvenn near Mützenich and the landscapes around the Rursee.

As well as classic landscape photography, Markus is also fascinated by what he calls "intimate landscape photography". This type of photography focuses on details and features that often say more than the big picture. Whether it is details of a frozen puddle or interesting patterns created by ice formations, rocks or leaves, these shots show nature in a much more intimate way and can look like paintings.

Macro photography also has its own appeal for Markus. He is particularly interested in photographing small, inconspicuous things, such as insects or plant details, in such a way that their characteristics and details become visible. Each subject opens up a new world of interesting impressions for him.

Markus is inspired by the search for interesting subjects, which he likes to capture atmospherically and play with the light that nature offers. His images are authentic natural documents, not created or manipulated on a PC with software. He does use image processing to manipulate the raw data, but this is limited to moderate and natural adjustments to colour, contrast and white balance. In addition to his own photography, Markus offers various nature photography workshops to share his experience and techniques.

[ Text 10Photos, based on the website of Markus Lenzen ]

10Photos says: Markus Lenzen inspires us with a broad spectrum ranging from macro and animal photography to landscape and detail shots. But it is not only the diversity of his photographs that is impressive, but also the great variety. Sometimes his images are brilliant and documentary, sometimes clear and detailed, sometimes playful and artistic. This diversity is fascinating. Markus' photos touch us and make us realise how exciting and beautiful nature is. This is nature photography at its best!

More pictures and information about Markus Lenzen is available on his website www.naturfotografie-lenzen.de, Instagram and Facebook.