• Misc.,  Architectural photography

    Robert Christ

    The Upper Palatinate photographer Robert Christ shows us on 10Fotos images in the field of reduced and experimental photography. For image composition, Robert likes to use long exposures and unusual angles. His work has already received several awards.

  • Architectural photography

    Julia Anna Gospodarou

    Black and white photography from another "world". The multiple award-winning and internationally recognized photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou shows with her pictures in an impressive way how exciting and creative photography can be.

  • Landscape photography,  Architectural photography,  Misc.

    Nina Papiorek

    Nina Papiorek is a landscape and fine art photographer who has won many competitions. In addition to landscape photography, other focal points of her work are urban landscapes and urban architecture. The focus is on form and structure. Almost all of her works are therefore black and white photographs. Eliott Erwitt's motto "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive." also applies to Nina Papiorek.

  • Landscape photography

    Andrea Pozzi

    Internationally renowned photographer, adventurer, and storyteller Andrea Pozzi were born in 1984 in Bormio, an idyllic town in northern Lombardy (Italy).

  • Misc.,  Architectural photography

    Michael Robben

    Michael Robben, an amateur photographer from Oldenburg, still looking for the subject. For him, photographing and editing is a meditative and exciting process. To reinterpret or alienate reality through photography is an almost inexhaustible pool.

  • Landscape photography

    René Schädler

    René Schädler describes himself as a fine art outdoor photographer. In the Swiss mountains or on lonely coasts he finds the peace and solitude necessary for him and his pictures. He likes to compare landscape photography with model photography, only that the model does not move in nature.