René Schädler

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René Schädler describes himself as a fine art outdoor photographer. In the Swiss mountains or on lonely coasts he finds the peace and solitude necessary for him and his pictures. He likes to compare landscape photography with model photography, only that the model does not move in nature.

You have to literally hike your way to the right angle. Once in position, René Schädler searches for guidelines, shapes, and patterns and reduces the image information to the essentials. The concentration is on a balanced aesthetic composition under interesting lighting conditions. The results are timeless, desaturated, and graphic-looking photographs in color or even in black and white.

For René Schädler, true photography is the printed image. This already requires the "other" look in nature to ultimately enjoy a high-quality mural.

René Schädler's photographs have already won several awards. You can find his photographs mainly as fine art images in private homes and offices or in magazines and books.

We at 10Photos are very pleased to introduce this personable and multi-award-winning photographer. A look at his website www.reneschaedler.ch or Instagram @reneschaedler is mandatory. With René we are once again annoyed why this web project is not called 50Photos ;-).