Scott Aspinall

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Scott is a passionate, self-taught, Saskatchewan-born, landscape photographer focused on nature and night photography. He spends his free time photographing scenes across Western Canada.

He says about himself: "Landscape photography is a way for me to connect to the land not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. For me, all of nature points to something much bigger than myself."

As a nature photographer in Western Canada, Scott is passionate about capturing the beauty and uniqueness of these stunning landscapes. He loves to create abstract images that highlight the natural shapes and patterns of the wild and rugged landscapes and capture the imagination of the viewer.

His images are often characterised by snow-covered trees, icy mountains and crystal clear water, creating a unique atmosphere. Scott works hard to craft his images to tell a story and create an emotional connection with the viewer. Working as a nature photographer in the often icy regions is a constant challenge, but also an incredibly rewarding experience that he would recommend to anyone who is passionate about the beauty of nature.

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10Photos says: It is the sheer incredible variety that inspires and fascinates us. The interplay of icy landscapes with "warm" elements. The interplay of shapes and details that create a harmonious image that amazes the viewer (us, at least).

Many more wonderful and fantastic landscape photographs are available on Scott Aspinall's website: www.scottaspinall.com. The pictures there are a "must-see" for every nature and landscape enthusiast.