Stefano Balma

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Stefano Balma is a landscape photographer from Italy. He first started taking pictures in 2020, and a good two years later, he became a participant in 10Photos. If we weren't already impressed by his atmospheric images, we would be by now at the latest. His camera was first intended only as a slightly better travel camera but quickly developed from an initial hobby into a passion.

Stefano's photography is a great medium for his creativity. Through this hobby, the likable photographer, who has been meditating for years to relax, finds peace and a perfect balance to everyday stress. He writes about it himself: "The love of natural landscapes creates the perfect habitat for an inner search. I've been practicing meditation for years and photography is very similar to it, because it also requires awareness, attention, and love."

The balance and the love are undoubtedly noticeable in his photographs. The moods in his pictures are determined by wonderful light and balanced colors. Stefano's photos also captivate with a harmonious overall impression, starting with the foreground over the subject to the background. Nothing is left to chance. This is image design at its best, and we at 10Photos love that.

More pictures of Stefano can be found on Instagram – @stefano_balma.