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Giovanna "Gio" Fleming is an architectural and landscape photographer originally from the Italian Alps. She now resides in the French Alps, drawn by her deep love for the mountains. Since childhood, Gio has had an eye for the beautiful and worth seeing. Whether it is interiors, buildings or the fascinating nature, Gio looks at everything with an artistic eye.

She skillfully documents the interplay of light, color, and texture to bring out the essence of each environment. Her portfolio showcases the opulent details of interiors as well as the awe-inspiring majesty of pristine wilderness.

What really sets Gio's work apart is her commitment to raising awareness of the fragility of the earth's wild places. She recognizes the pressing challenges of climate change and human intervention, and believes that her images can be catalysts for positive change. Gio's photographs depict not only the breathtaking landscapes of mountains, glaciers, and polar ice, but also their vulnerability and transience.

Her atmospheric images encourage viewers to reflect on the preciousness of these places and call for action to preserve them for future generations. Her work has won numerous awards, including the International Photographer of the Year Awards, the Monovisions Awards 2023, the Tokyo International Photo Awards, the Fine Art Photo Awards, and many more.

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10Photos says: What fascinates us about Gio, besides the very high quality of her photos, is the incredible variety of her images. Sometimes there are fascinating details, sometimes huge natural monuments. In stark contrast, there are artistic, fine-art interior shots with exciting perspectives and clear lines and colors. Pure variety!

More pictures and info from Giovanna Fleming can be found on her website. gioflemingphotography.com and Instagram @gioflemingphotography as well as on Facebook.