Anna Mari K. Priésner

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Gallery of nature and landscape photographer Anna Mari K. Priésner from Norway. The "high north" has a special appeal for many people. Clean air, icy lakes and fjords, impressive landscapes and a unique solitude characterise this region.

Anna Mari's photographs capture the essence of Norway. Atmospheric images of flora and fauna are also a trademark of this photographer.

Norway is the dream of many nature photographers. Landscapes like from another world, breathtaking light on at least 500 days a year and still living trolls. If you see the pictures of Anna Mari, you might even believe these words. Fantastic moods and unique nature. It is allowed to fantasize a little ;-).

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10Photos says: Anna Mari K. Priésner knows how to capture moods like no other nature photographer in Norway. Her subjects are often not the spectacular forces of nature in the far north, but her everyday encounters with the landscape and its animals. We love her fine macro shots and the colourful moods she captures.

More fascinating pictures are on her Instagram account @annamarikp .