Nicolas Petit

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Nicolas Petit is a wildlife photographer from France. His pictures primarily show the local wildlife. Nicolas not only wants to document but also to capture the uniqueness and beauty of the animals. With his wonderful photos, he succeeds without a doubt.

Nicolas writes about himself: "I have always loved animals and have always been drawn to nature and the forest. I come from a small village in the Marne, near the mountain of Reims, and my greatest pleasure was to accompany my father or my uncle in picking mushrooms, and snails or going for a walk. Later, I spent a lot of time alone in the forest, always fascinated by wildlife. I am someone who lives his passion to the fullest, so since I practice photography, nature has a great place in my life"

Nicolas discovered his passion for photography when he gave his wife a camera as a gift and thus became more closely involved with the subject. After his first nature photos, the "virus" photography then did not let him go. 10Photos says: A gift to his wife, from which we all now benefit through his animal pictures. Thank you!

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