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Pius Notter, a passionate wildlife photographer from Switzerland, is not only well known in the world of photography, but has also made a name for himself as a renowned bonsai designer. His versatility as an artist was demonstrated when he became the first and only Western representative to win the World Bonsai Contest in Japan, establishing himself as a bonsai pioneer in the Western world.

Pius' impressive achievements have also been recognized internationally. In the USA, he received the coveted BCI Photographers and Writers Award for his outstanding publications. Another sign of his recognition is the immortalization of one of his works on a San Marino postage stamp.

Although he only bought a digital camera in 2008, Pius quickly developed his photographic talent. Initially, he pursued photography as a hobby, focusing mainly on bird photography.

But his curiosity and thirst for adventure led him to other places. In recent years, he has traveled regularly to Costa Rica, various African countries, Japan, and of course, Europe to photograph wildlife. Over time, his hobby turned into a passion that has become an important part of his life.

What distinguishes his images is not only their documentary quality. It is also the way he captures the animal world in spectacular light and exciting situations. His fascination with the feathered artists of the sky is unbroken, and his travels continue to produce stunning and colorful images of these animals.

Pius Notter has established himself as a photographer who captures the beauty and diversity of nature in all its facets and brings it closer to the viewer in a fascinating, natural and authentic way.

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10Photos says: With his often spectacular and colorful images, Pius shows us how incredibly diverse and beautiful our nature and its inhabitants are. But his work also allows us to discover surprising things. For example, he reminds us that Africa has more to offer than the "Big 5" and that it is worth paying attention to the smaller creatures. He impresses us with images of exciting moments that he captures in fantastic quality for eternity. Thank you Pius for sharing your experiences and the beautiful photos.

You can find more pictures of Pius Notter on his website piusnotter.com and Instagram @piusnotter.