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Hannes Bonzheim is a passionate wildlife photographer born in 2003. Besides photographing native birds (his main focus), he is an ICARUS Ambassador and Young Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Biology as well as an active volunteer for the Kaiserstuhl Nature Center, amateur ornithologist, conservationist, and nature photographer.

He lives in southern Germany in the Kaiserstuhl region, where he regularly gives lectures and workshops and leads guided tours. Hannes captures the fascinating biodiversity of this region in pictures and uses them for public relations. His motivation is: "I want to inspire people with my pictures for nature and its inhabitants and inspire them to go out themselves and experience and protect it in all its beauty and diversity" [Quote Hannes Bonzheim].

Photographically, Hannes was awarded for the first time in 2019 and won the competition "Biodiversity in Parks and Gardens" of the Alexander Koenig Society. One year later, he defended his title and additionally came in third.

Since the end of 2022, Hannes Bonzheim is still a book author. Together with Matthias Futterer , "The magical world of our birds", an illustrated book about native birds, was produced. Dates, facts, tips and, of course, fantastic photos of more than 100 bird species. More info about the book.

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We at 10Photos are not only thrilled by his fantastic bird shots, but also by his incredible commitment to nature and its conservation. It is our honor and pleasure to feature Hannes on 10Photos.

More from Hannes Bonzheim can be found on his website www.naturfotografiebonzheim.com and Instagram @naturfotografie.bonzheim.