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Sarah Böhm was born in Frankfurt an der Oder in 1989. After studying veterinary medicine in Berlin, she works as an official veterinarian in Neuruppin in the field of animal welfare, animal disease control, and veterinary drug monitoring.

Sarah about herself: "From an early age I was fascinated by nature and its creatures and I spent every free minute outdoors. In 2010 I discovered photography as a balance to my studies. In the beginning, I still used the family SLR camera, but soon I became more intensively involved with the subject and so nature photography became more and more an important part of my life, which I now can't and don't want to imagine life without.

Above all, I find it exciting to create new perspectives from everyday things by playing with the available light. I mainly feel at home in wildlife photography, because being able to capture animals in beautiful light situations as an undisturbed observer brings a smile to my face every time. At the same time, I always enjoy the tranquility of nature to draw strength from it for the often quite stressful working life."

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10Photos says: Nature puts a smile on Sarah's face, her images put a smile on ours. It's a wonderful, creative and varied way that this likeable photographer captures nature and presents it to us. It's a real pleasure! Thank you for your passion for nature and photography.

More from Sarah Böhm can be found on Facebook SarahBoehmFotografie and Instagram @sarah_boehm_photography.