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My name is Simone Baumeister, and I live in the northernmost part of Münsterland, bordering Emsland. To be able to combine my passion for nature and wildlife with photography, I feel as a gift with which I hope to sensitize image viewers to save our natural treasures.

It fascinated me when I discovered during my last years of photography that great nature experiences and animal observations do not necessarily require long-distance travel, since even a mindful walk outside our front door has incredibly exciting encounters to offer. And so until today my nature photos are almost exclusively created in the vicinity of my home.

And even if it did not work out with the desired motif: the time outside in nature is never lost time. What there is to discover when you roam with alert eyes through the forests, meadows, mountains, and moors, is simply beautiful.

I am convinced that a single lifetime is not enough to discover and grasp everything in its entirety, even in this manageable area.

This inspires me again every time I go out with my camera.

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10Photos says: Unusual angles, a fantastic play with sharpness and blur, exciting light and much more, that's how you could describe Simone's nature photography. Her images inspire with their incredible variety and rare moments.

More pictures and info about the photographer on: www.naturfoto-baumeister.com or Instagram.