Michael Hruschka

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Michael Hruschka is a macro and nature photographer from Rain am Lech in Bavaria. Already as a child, he spent every free minute in nature and finally discovered photography for himself in 2013. In the process, he learned to see nature once again with different eyes and to perceive it much more consciously. With his first DSLR camera, he was hooked and his hobby became a passion. During his forays through the river landscapes close to home, he quickly developed a special preference for macro photography. His favorites are still the wonderful, alien-like dragonflies.

In photography, Michael's love and respect for nature are particularly important. His inspiration lies in bringing interesting motifs to the sensor of his camera in the play with the given light moods without artificial illuminants. This results in enchanting snapshots from a seemingly alien world. But that is exactly what is so fascinating about macro photography. It shows our nature from a perspective that is not commonplace. And it reveals a hidden beauty that more than deserves to be captured photographically.

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In Michael’s varied shots, we see very clearly that macro photography is much more than simply photographing a subject particularly large. Beautiful colors, interesting shapes and a brilliant play with the sharpness create a wonderful and sometimes fairy-tale atmosphere.

More pictures of Michael can be found on his Instagram account @michael.hruschka.photography.