Ute Kloß

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Ute learned photography from her father. Until 2010, she still worked purely analog. After that, with the acquisition of a digital SLR camera began her passion for macro photography. Ute's favorite subjects are plants and flowers.

She writes about herself, "Being out and about early in the morning and having nature to myself are the most beautiful moments in my life and source of strength for everyday life, which is not always easy."

Anyone who has ever admired the dew early in the morning walked through the fog, witnessed the silence and then the awakening of nature, can understand how Ute feels. Her pictures reflect this feeling. Her photos are often delicate and with fine colors. Many shots were taken with an open aperture, enhancing the great mood.

Besides the plant world, Ute also likes to photograph insects and amphibians very often. From time to time she also tries her hand at landscapes and long exposures. On the road, Ute uses an EOS 700D and prefers to use the 150 mm macro lens from Sigma. The long focal length creates a great and velvety bokeh.

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10Photos says: Photography has also sensitised the likeable photographer to the preservation of our nature and biodiversity. Could there be a better plea for the preservation of nature and habitats than these fantastic images? We think not! The beauty of nature is often right on our doorstep or just around the corner. Ute impressively proves this with her gentle photos.

More pictures are available on the website Ute's Makrofotografie.