Anke Kneifel

Anke Kneifel was born in 1963 in Neuruppin, 60 km northwest of Berlin, in the heart of Mark Brandenburg. Neuruppin is known beyond its borders, as it is also the birthplace of Theodor Fontane and Karl-Friedrich Schinkel.

In 2012 I discovered my passion for photography. As an absolute nature lover, I like to be out in nature whenever my time allows. This includes long walks with my two border terrier bitches Chilly and Emma. Who walks with open eyes through nature, and sees so many beautiful things and I wanted to capture them in the future.

Since my interest in technology has always been very pronounced, I asked myself at some point how a camera actually works. As a pronounced autodidact with a penchant for perfectionism, I bought my first camera and studied the subject in detail. I gained my first experiences while photographing my two dog ladies. Thereby I quickly realized that with playing and romping dogs you can't just press the shutter button in automatic mode to get nice pictures. It would be very convenient, but unfortunately, there is no such camera! So I had to deal with ISO, aperture, and exposure time. I tried many things and learned how many ways there are to create images. That absolutely captivated me and continues to impress me.

My camera is now my constant companion. Photography has become almost like an addiction for me, but also a balm for the soul. As an early riser, it's not hard for me to hop out of bed at 4 a.m. and spend time in nature before work. The early bird catches the worm, as we all know. Through photography, I take my downtime and capture beautiful things in pictures. It makes me happy and gives me inner satisfaction. I think you can see that in my pictures as well. I hope you enjoy looking at my photo gallery.

Note from 10Photos: We did :-). More info and pictures about the sympathetic photographer can be found on her website and Instagram.