Unai Larraya

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Unai Larraya, is a photographer, videographer, guide, and trainer. He was born in 2000 in Pamplona, Navarre, where he currently lives. The multi-award-winning photographer's great passion is to photograph and capture the world's natural landscapes and wildlife.

Navarre is one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity and the most different biomes in such a small area. This is also the reason why Unai has always been passionate about nature and committed to its conservation.

It is the close contact with nature, hiking in the mountains, bathing in high mountain rivers, climbing in remote regions, but also losing himself in the forests that fascinates this active nature lover and photographer. And this fascination, this passion becomes visible in his pictures.

Today, he travels the world's most spectacular and magical natural places with my faithful partner, his camera, always in search of the world's most beautiful and impressive photos.

[Text based on Unai's autobiography]

10Photos says: Unai, we are convinced that you will take the most beautiful picture in the world, because you are already very close ;-). Your pictures inspire us because they show unique places in unique beauty.

For more of Unai and his work, check out his website or social media.

Website: unailarraya.com - Instagram: @unailarraya - Twitter: #unailarraya