Florian Ledoux

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Award-winning wildlife photographer with a focus on the polar regions and the protection of these places. More unique and fascinating shots of the polar regions and the animals living there can be found on Florian Ledoux's website and his Instagram account. A must for every nature enthusiast.

Rarely has a landscape photographer inspired us as much as Florian. His aerial shots are extraordinary and spectacular and we are a little proud to present this likable French photographer here.

Nature TTL POTY 2020 Winner
Drone Photographer Of The Year 2018
Grand Prize Drone Photography of the Year 2017

Website: www.florian-ledoux.com
Instagram: Florian Ledoux Photographer

A description of the images can be found below the gallery on this page.
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Figure 1: Aerial view of the Austfonna ice cap on Nordauslandet Island in Svalbard. In summer, melting causes incredible "lines" on the top of the ice cap, from where rivers flow about 30 meters high into the sea.

Figure 2: A polar bear (Ursus maritimus) rests on an iceberg in front of the Austfonna ice cap in Svalbard during summer. The bear stands at the edge of the iceberg and constantly watches the water for seals.

Figure 3: Aerial view of a large group of belugas in the polar waters of Svalbard in summer, along the coast of Isfjorden. There were about 200 individuals.

Figure 4: Aerial view of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the area of Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland. This region is undergoing major changes. Surface thawing of the ice sheet is beginning earlier and earlier, with less and less snow accumulating in winter, resulting in a large decrease in ice mass.

Figure 5: Crab eater (a type of seal) on an ice floe. Nature TTL POTY 2020 winning image.

Figure 6: Crabeater Seals (obodon carcinophaga) view from above while they feeding on krill in big group (more than 100) at the edge of the broken ice of the Antarctic peninsula, December 2018.

Figure 7: Aerial view of crabeater seal (Lobodon carcinophaga) resting on the pack ice in the Antarctic Peninsula, December 2018 (spring).

Figure 8: Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) feeding on krill in the cold water of the Antarctic peninsula, in December (spring).

Figure 9: Vertical view above a polar bear (ursus maritimus) resting on the pack ice between its hunts, during summer around Baffin Island, in Canada, Nunavut, North America.

Figure 10: Above the polar bear (ursus maritmus) leaping the ice, during summer around Baffin Island, in Canada, Nunavut, North America.