Andri Geir Jónasson

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Andri was born and raised in Iceland. As he himself writes, this growing up in the midst of nature, near the mountains and next to unique landscapes has been formative for his kind of photography. Andri's photographs are also unique. His ambition is not to document or describe, he wants to artfully represent nature with his images. Abstract and minimalist shots are often the result.

According to Andri, his minimalist, abstract approach to capturing the beauty of nature and life itself likely stems from his musical background, love of human anatomy, physics, philosophy and drive to create something unique.

He writes about himself, "To create an ambiance with my work, to stimulate and provoke a sincere feeling within the viewer. The passion is not particularly storytelling, nor documentation but to create something to which no paraphrase ever does justice. "

Nature as a great studio, photography as a canvas for something unique. This is the basis for Andri's photos. The results are unusually fascinating pictures, or works of art, as you might call them.

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More art by Andri Geir Jonasson can be found on his website and Instagram @andrijonasson.