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Radomir Jakubowski, born in 1987, is an experienced nature photographer, book author and business graduate from Saarland, Germany. In addition to his work as a photographer, Radomir runs the podcast Bohnensack, the most listened to German-language podcast on wildlife and nature photography. In addition, Germany's most read nature photography blog offers a lot of entertaining and interesting information on the subject.

His photographic passion is nature in all its facets, from wildlife and flora to landscape and macro photography. He was introduced to the basics of photography by his father at the age of eleven, and over time developed a deep enthusiasm for the details and beauty of nature.

Radomir devotes every free minute to nature photography, where he is not only interested in capturing the moment, but also in enjoying the moment in nature. His photographic repertoire covers a wide range from close-ups and macro shots to impressive wildlife and landscape images. In his images, he emphasizes creative representation and personal expression.

Known for his true-to-life photographs taken without extensive digital manipulation or image editing, Radomir's photos have been published in numerous professional publications, books, calendars, and national and international photography competitions. He is also the author of photography books, including "The Photo School in Pictures: Nature Photography" (2013), "Photographing in Nature" (2019), and "Nature Photography Workshop: On Your Doorstep" (2020).

For more than a decade, Radomir has been sharing his knowledge and passion for nature and photography by organizing nature photography workshops. These workshops are not only an opportunity to benefit from his expertise, but also to share the joy of experience and exchange with like-minded people.

[Text 10Photos, based on the website of Radomir Jakubowski ]

10Photos says: It's not just the sheer endless portfolio of fantastic wildlife and nature images that excites us. It's the variety and wonderful moods with which our nature is portrayed. Sometimes artistically creative, sometimes monumentally documentary, Radomir has mastered the entire repertoire of nature photography and uses it skillfully over and over again. Not only does he seem to be in the right place at the right time, he also knows exactly which perspective is the right one and how to use sharpness and blur perfectly. Sometimes artistically creative, sometimes documentarily momentary ... but we repeat ourselves (gladly).

More information about Radomir Jakubowski and his work can be found on his website naturfotocamp.de and Instagram @naturfotocamp as well as on Facebook.

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