Silke Hullmann

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I was born in Düsseldorf / Germany but grew up in a small rural town nearby. Even as a child, I spent a lot of time in the forest and nature and initially decided on a creative, green profession that took this enthusiasm for nature into account.

For almost a decade I worked in gardening and landscaping, spending most of my time outdoors in the fresh air and dealing mainly with creative garden design concepts and their implementation.

After a supplementary commercial degree, however, I pursued a very classical career in a renowned management consultancy and a large telecommunications group for many years.

However, my enthusiasm for nature remained and I was drawn out into the world. My many travels lead me again and again to the African continent, whose wildlife fascinates me more than anything else and whose incredible diversity and richness have captured my heart.

Increasingly, the camera became my constant companion and now photography is the main focus of my travels. I spend all my travel time experiencing, enjoying, and capturing unique and rare moments in nature.

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10Photos says: Hundreds of rhinos have been photographed on Instagram, thousands of lions and just as many other wild animals. Silke finds the special moments and brings them back from her travels. The magic of Africa comes alive in her diverse images. This is true wildlife photography at its best.

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