Jenny Zhao & Roger Zhu

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Jenny Zhao and Roger Zhu are an extraordinary pair of photographers who discovered their passion for wildlife photography in 2018. Inspired by their honeymoon trip to the Maasai Mara, they decided to perfect their craft and began photographing wildlife both in their native New England and on their travels around the world.

Jenny and Roger's love of wildlife is reflected in their stunning images. They not only see wild animals as fascinating creatures, but also understand how important their habitat and interactions are to the balance of nature. Their photographs tell stories of beauty, freedom, and the relentless search for the right place in the ecosystem. These likeable photographers show nature and its inhabitants not only in a documentary way, but also from their most beautiful side. These are brilliant and creative photographs from exciting perspectives, which also impress with their fantastic versatility.

Jenny and Roger's work has been featured in such prestigious publications as National Geographic, BBC Earth, BBC News, Sony Alpha, Smithsonian Magazine, Mass Audubon, Africa Geo Magazine, and Cape Cod Travel Guide Magazine. Through these media outlets, they have been able to bring their message of environmental protection and the need to preserve natural wildlife habitats to a wide audience.

Jenny and Roger hope that their photos will not only show the beauty of nature, but also raise awareness of the urgency of protecting the environment. They believe that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place for everyone. Through their work, they want to help ensure that wild animals can continue to live freely and that biodiversity is preserved for future generations.

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10Photos says: The images of Jenny Zhao and Roger Zhu impress with their versatility and brilliance. With masterful technique, they capture the magic of nature and the grace of wild animals, and with a little imagination, tell stories of freedom and adventure. All in all, their work is an inspiring testament to the beauty and diversity of our world. An authentic and beautiful tribute to nature. We are inspired!

You can find many more pictures of Jenny Zhao and Roger Zhu on their Instagram account @rogerandjennyphotography