Johanna Abert

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Multi-talented photographer Johanna Abert was born and raised in the Baden region of Germany. She moved to northern Germany many years ago. The vastness of the lowlands offers the advantage of a better overview, which is reflected in her photography. Here she has everything in view from sunrise to sunset.

Her passion for photography is particularly evident in her work with animals and nature, with a particular focus on owls. The fascination that these animals hold for Johanna is evident in her images and she always enjoys working with them.

She also organises workshops where people can work with the owls in a relaxed and private atmosphere in their own woodland. During a walk together, all participants have the opportunity to take beautiful and unique photographs.

She also specialises in macro and landscape photography. Johanna's work is less documentary and more artistic and creative. Her atmospheric images show the fragility and beauty of our natural world. An ambitious amateur photographer, she also likes to look beyond the boundaries of nature photography and often photographs people in relation to owls.

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10Photos says: "It is the enormous versatility coupled with the fascinating moments in her photographs that we find so inspiring about Johanna. But it is also the everyday moments that she sensitively and creatively captures that make her images so special. Unusual angles, fantastic light and rare moments ensure that Johanna's photography is never boring. This is wildlife photography at its best.

More pictures and info about the photographer on: www.johanna-abert.de or Instagram. If you are interested in portrait and people photography, you should definitely have a look at ammerland-portrait.de .