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Alexandra Surkova, a nature photographer from Madrid, has made a name for herself with her images of the beauty of wilderness and wildlife. She organises and accompanies photographic tours in Europe and Africa. Alexandra also gives photography workshops and private photography lessons. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and has won several awards.

Just a few years ago, Alexandra was shooting with her smartphone, but her journey as a wildlife photographer began with an unexpected gift: a Sony FE 200-600mm G lens that revolutionized the way she saw the world. It was the beginning of an exciting chapter in her life.

In the midst of the Covidien pandemic, Alexandra ventured out on her first photography trip with a real camera and the new lens. In June 2020, she spent hours in a tent in the sweltering heat, capturing precious moments with wildlife. This intense experience ignited her passion for wildlife photography.

Alexandra is fascinated by the unpredictability and authenticity of photography. She values the creative process and emphasizes that there is no staging - each image tells a unique story. This passion leads her to spend hours on observation stands to capture the wonders of wildlife.

Alexandra reflects on her work and decides that true fulfillment is more important than financial success. She made a conscious decision to pursue photography for the joy and passion it brings, rather than to pursue material wealth. This attitude is reflected in her impressive work and makes her an inspiring personality.

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10Photos says: We don't know what fascinates us more, this wildlife photographer's incredible images or her courage to turn her passion into a career. Either way, our respect goes to both. Alexandra's photos captivate us with their incredible variety. Sometimes the images are dynamic, sometimes emotional and simply touching. They reflect the animal world in a wonderful way that is rarely seen: authentic and alive, honest and not posed.

Weitere Fotos von Alexandra - ein Muss für jeden Tierfan - gibt es auf dem Instagram-Account @alexandrovich_yo and on the website alexandrasurkova.com.

Note: If you are interested in the fantastic photo tours and courses, check out Alexandra's Instagram account. Some of the dates are only announced there.