Knut Erik Alnæs

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Born in 1999, wildlife photographer Knut Erik Alnæs from Oslo, Norway, joined the prestigious Canon Nordic Photographer programme in 2019 and became a member of NN (Norske Naturfotografer), an association for professional nature photographers in Norway, in 2022.

Knut Erik's passion for nature photography began with his deep interest in nature and wildlife. He had his first encounter with photography in 2009 when he borrowed his father's video camera. Since then, he has continued to develop and deepen his love for photography.

For Knut Erik, photography has two dimensions. On the one hand, he loves being out in nature and observing wild birds and animals up close. On the other, he firmly believes that sharing images of beautiful nature and fascinating wildlife can raise awareness for nature conservation.

It is the special experiences with birds and other animals in the fantastic nature of Norway that drive him. They make him forget the bitter cold and icy wind and concentrate entirely on taking pictures.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Knut Erik is also a passionate lecturer and enjoys sharing his expertise in nature photography beyond the borders of Norway. In parallel, he is studying law at the University of Oslo (2019-2023).

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More of his images can be viewed at www.knuterikalnaes.com and Instagram @knuterikalnaes .

10Photos says: Knut Erik’s photographs show us that Norway not only has breathtaking landscapes with fjords and icy mountains to offer, but also a fantastic and unique animal world. His images are full of drama and emotion, dynamics and stillness. His versatile range of talents thrilled us and thank him sincerely for sharing his artwork.