Alfred Villiger

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Alfred (Fredy for short) Villiger lives in the northern midlands of Switzerland at the foot of the Jura mountains in the region of Olten. He has been passionate about insects since childhood and is now an enthusiastic nature photographer. The likeable Swiss is especially fond of macro photography, because for Fredy the small things are the big things. Another focus of Fredy's is the native birds.

A few years ago Fredy discovered digital photography. The new possibilities excited him and he continued to develop as an autodidact. He also has an incredible patience and perseverance when it comes to photography. Finding the right subject is just as important to Fredy as finding the right perspective and waiting for the perfect light. The results are fantastic and varied photographs that not only document the local wildlife, but also depict it vividly and beautifully.

Fredy is out in the field with binoculars or photographic equipment almost every day from spring to late fall. Many of his images are handheld, but for bird photography Fredy often sits in a camo tent and works with a tripod. For Fredy, photography is also about discovering, capturing, marveling and relaxing.

Fredy's main interests are entomology and ornithology. With his photos he tries to capture the beauty and diversity of nature and to inspire people to care for our environment. After all, you only want to protect and preserve what you love.

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10Photos says: Dear Fredy, we strongly believe that you will inspire people with your fantastic macro shots and your beautiful bird photos. You have more than convinced us and we are very happy to have you on 10Photos. Thank you for your participation!

We can find more pictures of Fredy on Instagram @alfredvilliger, Flickr and in the Fotocommunity.