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Michelle Gutjahr, a nature photographer from Illertissen in Bavaria, discovered her passion for photography a long time ago. She always took a compact camera on holiday, but the quality of the pictures never quite lived up to her expectations. So in 2015, she decided to take the plunge with a digital SLR and delve deeper into the world of photography. Michelle's long-held dream came true and after a few photography courses, it was clear that her path would lead her into nature photography.

What started with a wide-angle lens for landscape photography quickly expanded to include a macro lens to capture detail, followed by a telephoto lens to get up close and personal with wildlife photography. Since moving to Bavaria in 2017, Michelle has discovered many fascinating photographic opportunities right on her doorstep. In her spare time, she immerses herself in documenting and sharing the beauty of nature, whether through exhibitions or inspiring talks. The cover image shown here will be printed as a GEO XXL postcard in early 2024.

In addition to her passion for photography, Michelle is active in the Landesbund für Vogel- und Naturschutz LBV, where she volunteers for lapwing management and the protection of the golden fritillary butterfly.

Her favourite time to shoot is in the early hours of the morning, when she is passionate about macro photography and capturing special lighting - whether for animal portraits or atmospheric landscape shots.

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10Photos says: Michelle shows the local landscape and its inhabitants in a wonderful way. It is much more than just documentation. Creative angles, great scenes and wonderful lighting, as well as the skilful use of blurring, allow the viewer to immerse themselves in a fascinating world. Sometimes it is full of exciting details that are otherwise carelessly overlooked, sometimes it is gorgeous and colourful, a magical homage to our natural world. Her images are never artificial or exaggerated, but always natural and genuine. This is authentic nature photography that inspires us.

You can find more pictures of Michelle Gutjahr on her Instagram page at @mimi_nature1706 and on their homepage www.mimis-shop.de.