Tobias Helling

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The likable bird and nature photographer Tobias writes about himself: "Birds have fascinated me since early childhood, so they are almost always the focus of my photo projects. I especially like to photograph Charadriiformes, even though this is not particularly easy in my adopted home of southern Germany. Therefore, I am always drawn to the north to photograph Charadriiformes in particular. Furthermore, I have discovered photography from the 'floating hide' myself in the last few years. A sometimes very strenuous, often cold kind of photography, but I particularly enjoy it, because it allows unique shots at the eye level of the animals.

But I also like to just relax at a sit, after work, in the meadow orchard and enjoy the species that are there."

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10Photos says: Many bird photographers are drawn to faraway places. The colorful birds in Australia and in the tropics are certainly also great motifs. Tobias shows, with his pictures, impressively that our domestic birds are not less beautiful. We are very happy to be able to show his atmospheric photos here.

More information and pictures of Tobias can be found on Instagram (www.instagram.com/feathers_scales_pictures) and Flickr (www.flickr.com/people/corallus)