Gabriela Vogel

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My passion for photography was born in my childhood. Ok, at that time not everything worked out as it should, for example, I cut off arms or legs. The joy, however, remained until today.

As a travel and nature photographer, I am especially fascinated by the magical northern lights and waterfalls. On photo trips and workshops I therefore also like to share my knowledge.

In my free time, I'm drawn to the Swiss mountains, where the camera is also always with me. Spending the night under the stars or in a tent brings me even closer to nature and lets me recharge my batteries.

You can find me under:

Website: www.travelfoto.ch or: Instagram: @travelfoto.ch

[Text Gabriela Vogel]

Dear Gabriela, we can reassure you, that with the arms and legs is not so bad in landscape photography, just make pictures without people ;-). No, joking aside, we are happy to be able to show you and your great landscape photos with us. Your photos inspire us among other things also because of their naturalness. This shows once again impressively, that great photos do not have to be bred up by image editing software.