Carsten Velten

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Carsten Velten is a nature and landscape photographer from Bonn (Germany). He likes a simple, plain and sometimes minimalist image composition. The motto: less is sometimes more is perfectly implemented in his pictures. What makes a good landscape photo? Certainly, the motif is not unimportant, but more decisive is the mood that a picture transports. Light and colors are elementary.

Carsten combines in his pictures beautiful subtle colors with clear structures. The result is a harmonious, almost soothing photo, which undoubtedly reflects the beauty of the landscape. Partially abstract images then show nature in a pleasantly different way. Bright sunshine you will not find - fortunately - in his photos. The rainy mood, the fine light in the evening or morning are an important stylistic device for Carsten.

To take up the question from above again. What makes a good landscape photo? The answer can be found in every picture by Carsten Velten. This is not only the opinion of 10Fotos, but also of the jurors of many competitions, who have awarded his pictures. There were awards among others at: Monovision Award, Fine Art Photography Awards, Digitalphoto Competition, and some more.

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More photo highlights from Carsten can be found on his website www.carstenvelten.de and Instagram @veltencarsten.