Bill Ferngren

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Bill is a Swedish landscape and nature photographer. He likes challenges and loves to photograph things that you usually pass by unnoticed. Trees in fog, the small stream in the forest, meadows that can inspire new motifs or just a plant on a tree. Maybe not always such spectacular subjects, but Bill takes a spectacular photo of them. He sees details, finds the perfect perspective and captures the mood at the right moment.

Bill conveys the beauty of nature through his photographs, a beauty that exists everywhere but is sadly too often overlooked. It's a vision he wants to share. Immortalizing moments in his photos helps him do that. At the same time, the environmentally conscious artist pays attention to a responsible approach to nature according to the principles of Nature First*, of which he is a member.

He writes about himself; "I usually say that I never learned to paint so my camera becomes my brush, my visual language becomes an extension of feelings, experiences and thoughts that I may have difficulty expressing in words. My pictures become my voice."

We love hearing Bill's wonderful voice and enjoy it very much...

More photos can be found on his website www.stillbill.se and Instagram @billferngren.

*) The seven core principles of Nature First show each of us how to enjoy nature photography responsibly. They were developed as a guide to help both recreational and professional photographers better protect nature.