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Frank Fischer, a freelance photographer and photo designer from Seevetal in Lower Saxony, has been working as a photographer since the 1980s. His specialisms have changed over the years, making him a multi-talented and experienced all-rounder in professional photography. In addition to his work as a photo designer, Frank also runs the FF Photo School* and has many years of experience as a lecturer and coach. He has taught many photography enthusiasts the art of photography through numerous photography courses, workshops and YouTube videos.

Frank is passionate about imparting knowledge and creating content, which is reflected in the satisfaction of his students. He is always able to respond to the individual needs and questions of his students so that they leave the course with a wealth of knowledge.

His current focus is on night, people and travel photography, which he likes to combine. Taking portraits of people is as important to Frank as photographing landscapes and architectural structures on his travels. However, Frank's photography goes far beyond documentary shots. His focus is always on finding the perfect location, time and light. This results in unusual and captivating shots that are out of the ordinary.

Despite his extensive portfolio, Frank never loses sight of his creative vision, which is reflected in the diversity and beauty of his destination portraits.

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10Photos says: Frank fascinates us with his incredibly versatile and fantastic photography as well as his friendly demeanour. He makes you feel at ease, whether on the phone or in a meeting. Frank "lives" photography and you can see it in his extraordinary photos as well as in his coaching sessions and courses. Photography is more than just a job to Frank, it is his passion and we are very grateful to him for sharing it with us.

For more information about Frank Fischer and the FF-Fotoschule, please visit the website and Facebook. There are over 1000 (!) educational videos to discover on the @ff-fotoschule YouTube channel.

*) The "FF" in FF-Fotoschule stands for the initials of the founder, owner and long-time photo trainer Frank Fischer. With over 15 years of experience in photo courses, photo workshops, photo trips and individual coaching, FF-Fotoschule has set itself the goal of offering its customers not only the usual course content, but also to ensure unrivalled customer satisfaction and support through an exceptional customer campaign.

Frank runs FF Photo School with a dedicated team of photo instructors and support staff who deal with administration and marketing. He gives each member of staff the freedom they need without losing sight of the customer's interests and needs.