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Beauty does not need to have a meaning, it is there, waiting to be found, in all things …

Born in England, Mark has lived and worked in Germany since 1996. Striving for perfection at every point of the creative process, no aspect of the representation of an image is left to chance. Fascinated by the colours and structures to be found in nature, photography is his opportunity to show the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world as he perceives it. Although Mark sometimes simply shows this beauty as he finds it, he always tries to push the representation of an image to its artistic limits, perhaps even ending with an abstract work. Cropping tightly, contexts like shorelines and horizon are often removed allowing a creative focus on the details and sometimes vibrant colours that excite him. Just as a diamond needs light, so capturing the interplay of subject and light, is often key to achieving the effect he is looking for. He explores passionately the whole year round the boundless reservoir of motifs that nature has to offer: What he sees; what he feels about what he sees; and how this and these emotions can be represented.

His work is regularly exhibited in Europe and America as well as being presented and published internationally in magazines, books, and lectures. In addition, he is a Brand Ambassador for SIGMA Germany. If you are interested in his work or a workshop (photography or post-processing) please contact him via the website.

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10Photos says: Mark James writes: "Beauty doesn't have to have meaning, it's just there, in all things, waiting to be found...". A profound sentence. Nothing really needs to be written about the fantastic images, they speak for themselves. Thank you, Mark, for finding beauty for us and rendering it so uniquely in your images.

For more information and pictures of Mark James Ford, please visit his website at www.blauvista.com and Instagram @markjamesford