Dr. Gerald Haas

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Dr. Gerald Haas, a nature photographer from Schwarzenfeld in Bavaria, Germany, discovered his fascination for the beauty of nature in his youth. Equipped with a single-lens reflex camera, he set out early on to capture the unique facets of his surroundings. One of his passions is documentary and artistic macro photography, which he presents here in 10photos.

As a biologist, Gerald's studies gave him ample opportunity to explore the mysteries of nature and capture its beauty through the lens of his camera. His travels often took him through the solitary landscapes of his home country, but also to distant national parks on other continents. No effort was too great for him, whether it was waiting patiently in a camouflaged hide, rising early before sunrise, or enduring adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Despite the hardships, nature always rewarded him with unforgettable moments and inspired him to take on new photographic challenges.

Gerald's expertise in nature photography has been widely recognised. His photographs have been featured in numerous magazines, books and calendars and he has published over 50 articles in prestigious specialist and photography magazines. His outstanding work has won several awards in national and international competitions. In 2022, his co-authored book "Ganz nah dran: Makrofotografie – Ideen, Motive, Workshops" was published by Rheinwerk Verlag, in which he presents his expertise and images alongside photographers such as Thorben Danke and Stephan Heinemann . Since 2015, Gerald has also been a full member of the Society of German Wildlife Photographers (GdT), which further underlines his recognition and expertise in nature photography.

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10Photos says: Dr. Gerald Haas photographs nature not only in a brilliant documentary way, but often also in an artistically abstract way. In doing so, he impressively shows the beauty of the flora and fauna of our homeland. His creative perspective and fantastic photographs remind us of the wonderful diversity of our world, but also how fragile and worthy of protection it is. When we look at his pictures, we marvel at the splendour of the colours, the surprising shapes and the many small details that we gradually discover. In addition to this wealth of detail, we are also fascinated by the overall impression. Nothing seems accidental, everything harmonious. Absolutely stunning!

For more pictures of Gerald, visit his website www.photo-outdoor.de and his Instagram account @photo_outdoor.de.