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Stephan Heinemann is an ambitious amateur photographer from Goslar. His photographic focus is nature and especially macro photography - i.e. particularly detailed and close-up shots of animals and plants.

Stephan about his hobby and himself: The special thing about macro photography: it makes it possible to show things that you probably wouldn't see with the naked eye. The focus is always on nature and its biodiversity. I usually live out my passion where nature begins. On my own doorstep: in the forests, meadows, and biotopes of the Harz foreland or sometimes in the Harz mountains. There I go in search of butterflies, wander through the spring forest looking for the first blossoms or capture the sunset over the landscape. The unique moments in nature that I experience inspire me, again and again, to take my camera and go in search of them.

I started photography in 2010 with a Canon PowerShot G11, which I still like to use on holiday. However, I usually use a Canon EOS 600d and a macro lens. Since 2012, I have been working more intensively on the subject of macro photography.

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Stephan is an author of the book "Ganz nah dran: Makrofotografie – Ideen, Motive, Workshops" from Rheinwerk Verlag. 325 pages of concentrated knowledge in great quality. The book is the result of a collaboration of seven fantastic macro photographers.

More pictures of Stephan Heinemann can be found on his Instagram account @stephan_heinemann_photography and his Portfolio.