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Stephan Heinemann is an ambitious amateur photographer from Goslar. His photographic focus is nature and especially macro photography - i.e. particularly detailed and close-up shots of animals and plants.

Stephan about his hobby and himself: The special thing about macro photography: it makes it possible to show things that you probably wouldn't see with the naked eye. The focus is always on nature and its biodiversity. I usually live out my passion where nature begins. On my own doorstep: in the forests, meadows, and biotopes of the Harz foreland or sometimes in the Harz mountains. There I go in search of butterflies, wander through the spring forest looking for the first blossoms or capture the sunset over the landscape. The unique moments in nature that I experience inspire me, again and again, to take my camera and go in search of them.

I started photography in 2010 with a Canon PowerShot G11, which I still like to use on holiday. However, I usually use a Canon EOS 600d and a macro lens. Since 2012, I have been working more intensively on the subject of macro photography.

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Stephan is an author of the book "Ganz nah dran: Makrofotografie – Ideen, Motive, Workshops" from Rheinwerk Verlag. 325 pages of concentrated knowledge in outstanding quality. The book is the result of a collaboration between seven fantastic macro photographers. Among them are 10Fotos participants Thorben Danke and Dr. Gerald Haas.

10Photos says: Stephan shows wonderful contrasts with his macro shots, sometimes in terms of colour, sometimes in terms of structure or an interesting interplay of light and shadow. The overall picture is often more important than the subject, and so we see everyday things photographed in a completely unique, fantastic way. This is the fine art of macro photography, different but very exciting.

More pictures of Stephan Heinemann can be found on his Instagram account @stephan_heinemann_photography and his Portfolio.