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Dave Augustin was born in 1984 and is a macro and nature photographer from Bochum in the Ruhr area. He bought his first digital SLR camera at the end of 2007 and has been hooked on photography ever since.

Industrial photography marked the beginnings of his photographic career. But over time, he became more and more fascinated by nature with its complex survival strategies and beauties. Dave realised that with patience and a great deal of time, you can track down the animals you are looking for.

Nature often hides in unexpected places, such as between industrial wastelands and on quiet riverbanks. Here, many animals and plants find a retreat that is not suspected at first glance.

Although some species are only found as relicts due to human interventions such as land consolidation and water pollution, animals such as the eagle owl, natterjack toad and fox have adapted to the circumstances and now inhabit disused quarries and other habitats close to humans.

It is of great importance to protect and preserve these retreats and the animals that live in them, so that these gifts of nature remain with us for a long time to come.

[ Text based on Dave Augustin's website ]

10Photos says: It is incredibly impressive when you see the beautiful photos and know that some of them were taken in direct human proximity. Dave, you have our unreserved respect for your “eye” for the hidden among us. And of course, for your fantastic pictures!

More pictures are available on David Augustin's website www.augustin-naturfoto.de and Instagram @dave.augustin.84.