Thorben Danke

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Fascinating macro shots of up to a magnification of 60:1 are shown by the enthusiastic and ambitious insect photographer Thorben Danke on 10Photos.

With his pictures, Thorben wants to arouse interest in insects. Insect mortality is the most extensive species extinction on our planet and is just as threatening to us humans as climate change. Only what we see and know we are willing to appreciate and protect.

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10Photos says: This extreme type of macro photography inspires us because it gives us unknown insights into a world we cannot see with the naked eye. Thorben's macro images of insects show us bizarre details and beauty. They give us a new appreciation for the diversity and complexity of these tiny creatures. Simply fascinating!

Thorben is an author of the book "Ganz nah dran: Makrofotografie – Ideen, Motive, Workshops" from Rheinwerk Verlag. 325 pages of concentrated knowledge in great quality. The book is the result of a collaboration of seven fantastic macro photographers.

Website:, Instagram: sagaoptics