Sandra Malz

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Sandra Malz is a passionate macro photographer who mainly travels around the picturesque Lüneburg Heath. With her photographs, she impressively disproves the common assumption that the heath is a barren and monotonous landscape. Instead, her images reveal a multifaceted and surprisingly diverse nature that is often overlooked.

On her forays through the Lüneburg Heath, Sandra is particularly interested in the fascinating world of insects, but reptiles and amphibians are also among her favorite subjects. But her photography goes far beyond mere documentation. With a trained eye for perspective and a flair for soft macro light, she is able to capture insects that are often considered unsightly in all their glory.

Thanks to Sandra's sensitive approach and creative composition, her photographs reveal a beauty that captivates even the most skeptical viewer. She shows that the world of small animals can be just as impressive and aesthetic as large, spectacular landscapes.

Sandra has already exhibited some of her work at the Museum Lüneburg. She gives lectures on macro photography and has written a book about it together with two other photographers (Die Fotoschule in Bildern – Makrofotografie). In the magazine c't Fotografie 03/2022 there is a 16-page article by Sandra. A macro photo of her can be seen on the cover.

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10Fotos meint: Die Bilder von Sandra Malz beeindrucken durch ihre Fähigkeit, die Schönheit und Vielfalt der kleinen Welt um uns herum einzufangen. Die sympathische Makrofotografin zeigt nicht nur die Schönheit der Natur, sondern verleiht auch den oft zu Unrecht übersehenen Insekten eine eigene ästhetische Dimension. Ihr gekonnter Bildaufbau, die harmonischen Farben und ihr einzigartiger Blick für Details machen ihre Aufnahmen zu wahren Kunstwerken. Das ist Makrofotografie auf höchstem Niveau - wir sind begeistert!

More photos by Sandra Malz can be found on her website www.makrofotografin.de, on Instagram @makrofotografin and Facebook.