Sandra Malz

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Sandra Malz is a passionate macro photographer from the Lüneburg Heath. Her macros were mainly taken in her homeland. The heath is not the barren landscape it was thought to be for a long time. Sandra's pictures prove this undoubtedly and in a beautiful way.

On Sandra's forays through the Lüneburg countryside, she is mainly interested in insects, but reptiles and amphibians are also sought-after motifs. The pictures of the ambitious amateur photographer show the world of small animals not only in a documentary way. Perspective and good soft "macro light" are an important element of image composition for Sandra, along with a good portion of creativity. This is the only way to show the beauty of insects that are often perceived as unattractive.

Sandra has already exhibited some of her work at the Museum Lüneburg. She gives lectures on macro photography and has written a book about it together with two other photographers (Die Fotoschule in Bildern – Makrofotografie). In the magazine c't Fotografie 03/2022 there is a 16-page article by Sandra. A macro photo of her can be seen on the cover.

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10Photos is pleased to present this engaging and likable macro photographer with her fantastic images.

More photos by Sandra Malz can be found on her website and Instagram @makrofotografin.