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Nature and landscape photographer Nicole Herr, born in Frankfurt am Main and living in Hochtaunus since early 2000, discovered her passion for photography in 2016. She loves to explore nature right in front of her door to escape the daily grind and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of her surroundings.

But the Taunus is not her only source of inspiration. Nicole is always looking for special places, be it remote landscapes or urban scenes from different cities.

Unlike many fair-weather photographers, Nicole is particularly drawn to the outdoors in fog and rain. The appeal for her lies in capturing the mystical atmosphere of these situations. Without detailed planning, she is guided by spontaneous excursions due to family and work, experiencing nature in all its facets.

She especially loves the mood at sunrise, when the world is still and the light is magical. As a resident of a high altitude region, she often enjoys the spectacular interplay of the first rays of sunlight with the mist in the landscape, which she photographs with enthusiasm.

The combination of hiking and photography also allows Nicole to organize her thoughts and enjoy nature to the fullest. In the solitude of the forest, she is inspired by the sounds of her surroundings and tries to capture her feelings in her images.

Kartini Diapari-Öngider's quote "Just relax, enjoy and dream - in these magical moments time just stands still" perfectly reflects Nicole Herr's attitude and closeness to nature.

For Nicole, image processing is an important step on the way to the finished photo. By cleverly reducing colors, she enhances the mood of her shots without changing the original character of the image. Instead of colorful landscapes, she prefers mystical-looking forests and areas that could be from the realm of fairies and goblins.

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10Photos says: Nicole doesn't need spectacular landscapes for her creative images. She is in the right place at the right time. Mist at sunrise, rainy weather, and dull, cloudy days inspire this personable nature photographer. The results are inspiring in their mood and unobtrusiveness. They are photographs of places that everyone knows from their own neighborhood, but perhaps have never seen or experienced in this way. This is not only beautiful, but also exciting and fascinating. Nicole encourages us to take a walk through nature and shows us how unique it is.

You can find more pictures and information about Nicole Herr on Instagram @nicoles_moments and on her website nicoles-moments.de. In her workshop "Taunus Bright Spots" she invites you to discover the forests of the Taunus with many beautiful motifs. She trains the eye and helps to recognize the special.