Michael Adam

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Nature photographer Michael Adam will be showing photos with a focus on "weather photography" from the Ulm area. Weather photography is one of the most spectacular forms of nature photography, but also one of the most difficult. Michael Adam specialises in this type of photography and his images capture the beauty and power of weather phenomena.

His lightning shots are particularly fascinating. Precise timing is essential to capture the perfect moment. Michael Adam is a master of this technique and his images show stunning lightning strikes in all their glory. Time and again, he captures the drama and intensity of thunderstorms. Using exposure time and aperture, he creates stunning images with strong contrasts and vibrant colors.

If you're into nature and weather photography, you should definitely check out Michael Adam's Instagram account. Not only are the photos there aesthetically pleasing, but they also show the awesome power of nature in all its beauty.

10Photos says: absolutely look at, the weather photos of Michael are exceptionally exciting. They show in an impressive way how powerful and beautiful nature can be.

Check out more pictures on his Instagram page @michael_a_fotografie