Julia Burkhardt

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Julia Burkhardt is a multi-talented photographer and experienced master bookbinder from Jettingen in Bavaria. Her passion for photography began when she bought a camera with her first salary. Since then, she has developed into a creative artist who has mastered various areas of photography, including portrait, wedding and nature photography.

Julia is particularly fascinated by the beauty of the night. She specialises in photographing stars, the Milky Way, night scenes and the Northern Lights. Her work aims to capture the unique atmosphere of nocturnal landscapes and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting darkness and minimising the effects of light pollution.

Julia describes her passion for night photography as "Because night is the better day". In her star photography workshops, she not only shares her technical knowledge, but also the special experience and tranquillity that comes from photographing at night. This atmospheric calm is beautifully expressed in Julia's images. However, the photographer also manages to evoke strong emotions and the viewer often recognises the incredible size and power of our world in the images.

In her podcast 'Einfach Jule - Mein Leben in Buch und Bild' she shares the stories behind her images and gives valuable tips and tricks on photography.

[Text 10Photos, based on information provided by Julia Burkhardt ]

10Photos says: Julia Burkhardt's stunning images are not only characterised by their technical quality, but also by her ability to capture the mysterious beauty of the night and evoke emotion. In an age of increasing light pollution, she is committed to protecting darkness as a precious resource. Her work helps to raise awareness of the importance of the night and inspires us to see the world with new eyes. We enjoy her magical landscape photographs and are more than delighted. Both in terms of their brilliance and the moods they convey.

More pictures and information about Julia Burkhardt on her website www.juliaburkhardt.com and Instagram @fotojule_travel_pic. You can listen to their podcast here: Einfach Jule.