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Benjamin Wohlert is an enthusiastic portrait photographer, photo coach and book author (Fotografieren im Flow) from Dortmund, who has a very individual look at people. His passion is to capture this unique look in wonderful photos. The people who stand in front of his camera are his inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What is particularly fascinating is that the people in his photos are not professional models, but ordinary people like you and me. It is this naturalness and authenticity that makes his photographs so appealing.

Benjamin values authenticity, trust, respect, honesty, appreciation and humanity. These values are beautifully reflected in his photography, which captures these very nuances.

Others describe Benjamin as passionate, sensitive and understanding. His charisma is characterized by an incredible calmness, which is transmitted to his clients and makes the initial nervousness of a shoot evaporate in an instant.

These qualities make his photography very authentic and personal. It creates an emotional connection and gives the feeling of being close to the person. Benjamin's art of photography touches in a special way and captures moments in a way that touches the heart.

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10fotos says: Benjamin describes himself as a less creative person who is "only" inspired by people in front of the camera. Sorry Benny, we have to disagree with you here. We have rarely seen such creative and varied portraits as you have in your portfolio. And we're not going to argue about it! It is not mainstream, it is not 08/15 photos. It's just those special pictures that you can't forget and that you would like to have of yourself. A moment for eternity and you capture it - thank you for your creativity!

More pictures and information about Benjamin Wohlert can be found on his website. wohlertfotografie.de and Instagram @wohlertfotografie as well as on YouTube. Direkter Link zum Buch bei Amazon: Fotografieren im Flow.