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Salzburg-based portrait and conceptual photographer Sven-Kristian Wolf is known for his serial approach to his work. As a former musician and cultural manager, he has specialised in photographing artists and orchestras. Sven-Kristian knows the world in front of and behind the camera. His roots are in the punk and new wave scene, but he also loves Mahler, Brahms and Mozart. At 10Fotos, the likeable Salzburg native focuses on his creative and conceptual work.

His photographic and artistic focus is clearly on the representation of emotion. For him, emotion is the key to great photography. It is not just 'how is it' but more importantly 'how does it feel' that is relevant to him and that is what he wants to convey to the viewer. This emotional focus is reflected in his images, which often capture complex moods.

Sven-Kristian photographs both in his studio on the outskirts of Salzburg and on location, as he believes that the environment is an important part of photography. This allows him to realise his concepts both in a controlled environment and outdoors to capture the desired emotions in the best possible way.

Sven-Kristian's work has won several awards and has been shown in national and international exhibitions. Including Mozart's birthplace. The Salzburger Nachrichten asked how Mozart's Requiem could be captured photographically and gave the right answer in the article "How to photograph emotions" about Sven-Kristian.

In addition to pure photography, Sven-Kristian also runs the "Emotional Release" workshop. He teaches participants that the difference between good and great photography is the use of emotion and how to use it to achieve unique results.

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10Fotos says: Looking at Sven-Kristian Wolf's work, one thing becomes clear: simply different! But also simply good. With conceptual photography he builds a creative bridge to art, something we immediately and undoubtedly admire in his images. The ability to capture emotions and depict complex moods gives his work a unique expressiveness and makes it a fascinating experience for the viewer. We are thrilled!

Find out more about the artist Sven-Kristian Wolf on Facebook: silentlanguage and on the website www.skw-foto.at.