Vanessa Wunsch

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Vanessa Wunsch is a young fashion and portrait photographer from Berlin who studied fashion design and then worked in the industry for several years. "I learned a lot about my aesthetics, storytelling, colors and composition here, photography has always been a part of my work and my life". As a freelance photographer, she works across a wide range, shooting mainly portraits, influencer campaigns and fashion, as well as weddings.

Great images need to be more than just beautiful. They need to tell a story that reflects emotion and character. The goal is not only to portray people in the best possible way, but to capture the moment in an expressive way. Vanessa succeeds in doing this time and time again, resulting in vibrant, beautiful and authentic images.

For Vanessa, the true art of photography is to create that vivid and unforgettable image, an image that contains emotion and passion. She herself writes: "Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget what is really important, what we really love, and the moments we live for. Photos always manage to tell us important and beautiful moments from the past, to remind us and take us back."

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10Photos says: Vanessa loves to tell vivid stories with her photos. And we love reading them. They are exciting stories, varied, sometimes humorous and always wonderfully creative. Besides the quality, it is this versatility that inspires us. Thank you Vanessa for participating in 10Photos with such great images.

More pictures and information about Vanessa Wunsch can be found on her website www.vanessa-wunsch.com and Instagram @vawunsch.