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Simeon Zimmermann from Kiel is a passionate people and portrait photographer for whom photography is more than just a hobby - it is his passion and source of inspiration. Since 2016, he has been enthusiastically dedicating himself to the art of photography, with a particular fascination for people. Impressed by the variety and depth of human emotions, he strives to capture them in his images.

During a shoot, Simeon makes sure his models are comfortable in front of the camera. This allows them to move freely and naturally and enables him to capture the true essence of their personality. His aim is not just to portray appearances, but to reveal people's uniqueness.

Black and white photography is central to Simeon's work. The absence of colour allows him to portray emotions and feelings in a powerful and direct way. He prefers to use natural light outdoors to capture authentic and spontaneous moments. However, Simeon also looks for unconventional poses and angles that allow him to work in a particularly creative and artistic way.

Simeon likes to play with contrasts and the interplay of light and shadow in his images. This likeable photographer doesn't just rely on traditional techniques, but gives free rein to his imagination, sacrificing perfectionism in favour of charisma and spontaneity. The results are captivating, multi-layered photographs that convey wonderful moods and capture the essence and facets of the human character. These expressive works reflect Simeon's passion for photography.

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10Photos says: Simeon Zimmermann fascinates us with his passion for photography and his talent for capturing emotion and naturalness in his images. It is the enormous versatility, but also the authenticity of his images that impresses us. Despite this versatility, we can see an unmistakable style running through his work. Simeon manages to achieve a high level of recognition with his varied and exciting images. This is creative and exceptional portrait photography that more than inspires us.

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