Christian Angerer

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Christian Angerer is an internationally active photographer with a focus on people and portrait photography. His passion is cinematic photography, mainly in black and white, but also in color.

For him, it is important to capture the character of the person being portrayed, to highlight the story behind the photo. It doesn't matter if the models are celebrities or people like you and me. The results of Christian's photographs are charismatic photos that tell something, that are more than just a snapshot.

Creativity, beauty, grace, but also reality are not in contradiction, you can also see this in his photos. This skill is a real rarity in this day and age of billions of Instagram pictures and we at 10Photos are proud to present Christian Angerer and his pictures here.

For his creative work, he received several awards on the international stage, including the Cannes Lions and ADC award.

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10Photos says: We've already written the most important things about Christian and his style of photography above. However, we have to add one more thing: We are absolutely thrilled. His work is pure life and emotion. His photos are moments that he captures uniquely and skilfully, and they captivate with so many fantastic details.

More information about Christian Angerer and his work can be found here:
Webseite - www.christian-angerer.com
Instagram - @christianangererhuckleberry