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Monique Hertel - Mo for short - is a portrait and people photographer from Bruchsal, Germany. Since 2019 she is working intensively with people photography. Before that, Mo had been in front of the camera from time to time. The step behind the camera came as a surprise to her. But she did it with great enthusiasm. An enthusiasm that she still feels and uses positively in every shoot.

With her experience in front of the camera, she creates an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. With her professional guidance and natural charm, she ensures that the result of the collaboration is unique and authentic. For Mo, technique is important, but even more important is capturing emotion in her images and taking the viewer on a journey.

Mo loves to be creative and often works with experienced models. In these sessions, new ideas are implemented and worked out. It is a team effort that benefits both parties. These shoots are also the perfect foundation for working with clients. This is especially helpful in boudoir and nude photography with insecure people. Idea and execution are in the head and the focus is on the inexperienced client who feels so safe and in good hands. Often it takes just a few words and discreet gestures to create a relaxed atmosphere.

One quote says a lot about this likeable photographer: "It's important to me that my clients feel comfortable from start to finish and go home with a satisfied smile and a loving view of themselves. Mo doesn't work for the client, she works with the client - helpful, empathetic and always relaxed, but also enthusiastic.

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10Photos says: Mo sees a shoot from two perspectives at once. This is rare and fascinating. With her palpable enthusiasm and quiet caution, she creates an atmosphere in which both model and photographer feel very comfortable. The results are beautiful, unique and authentic images that can only be created in such an atmosphere. We can say with a clear conscience that not only are the results fascinating, but the shooting itself is an experience.

See more pictures of Monique Hertel on Instagram @mo.he.art and on her website www.mo-fotografiert.de.


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