Thomas Ruppel

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Thomas Ruppel is a portrait photographer from Eschborn near Frankfurt, Germany. He discovered his passion for photographing people in 2008. Despite initial difficulties with a limited portfolio and a lack of social media for finding models, his quest for further development led to intense self-criticism. In order to learn from mistakes, he repeated certain image ideas several times, eliminated weaknesses and developed creative approaches.

Constant self-reflection led Thomas to attend workshops with experienced photographers to deepen his knowledge of light, composition and photography. With increasing experience, not only did his confidence in technique grow, but also his ability to devote more time and attention to his subjects. Thomas' photographic career demonstrates that perseverance, self-criticism, and continuing education are critical factors in mastering the fine art of portrait photography.

What Thomas particularly appreciates about portrait photography is the constant encounter with new and fascinating people and places. These offer not only photographic variety, but also personal surprises. His photographic style has evolved over time. Initially, he was influenced by other photographers and the latest trends in photography. After a few years of experimentation, he developed his own style.

For Thomas, technology plays a subordinate role; he concentrates entirely on the person in front of the camera. Authenticity and emotion are at the heart of his images. People and their stories are what matters to him, not poses, baby-smooth skin or perfect styling. A quote from Thomas says a lot about this likeable photographer: "For me, portrait photography is about meeting people. It allows me to communicate intensively and requires me to get involved with the person and develop a feeling for the other person. For me, it's about give and take.

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10Photos says: Thomas' images captivate the viewer at first glance. Not only because of the fine and fantastic contrasts, not only because of the wonderful light mood, but above all because of the emotions that are conveyed. We don't see lifeless models, we discover the person behind the image. This is the art of portrait photography. We like to quote ourselves: "A portrait is good when you want to get to know the person not because of his or her appearance, but because of his or her charisma" (Jörn Wallenwein). We want to get to know ten new people spontaneously. This is how portrait photography works - no ifs and buts!

For more information and pictures of Thomas Ruppel, please visit his website at thomas-ruppel-fotografie.de and Instagram @thomas_ruppel.