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Nuremberg-based portrait and nude photographer Herb Schatten sees photography as a way of getting to know oneself and others better. For him, the camera is not primarily a tool for taking pictures, but a means of creating a deeper connection. To achieve this, Herb takes the time to listen. Not only to the spoken word, but also to the quiet signals that often tell deeper stories and emotions. He likes to quote Robert Frank, who once said: "The eye must learn to hear before it can see.

For Herb, photography is about much more than technical perfection or the pursuit of aesthetically pleasing images. He is interested in focusing on people with all their ups and downs, always careful to keep the women in his pictures - despite the nudity often shown - a little mysterious. As a result, they almost always appear as strong personalities and the distance to the mystery of women is always maintained.

His philosophy is based on mutual respect and trust. He wants his models not only to be photographed, but also to feel heard and seen. The result is in-depth portraits and, above all, a collaborative creative journey in which the model is an active participant in the creation process.

Through this understanding approach to his models, the sensitive photographer succeeds in creating images that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also capture the personality and essence of the person portrayed. The result is both beautiful portraits and touching, sensual works of human art.

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10Photos says: A good nude photo is viewed not only with admiration, but also with respect. A great nude is a representation of emotion that transcends mere form and tells a story. It is an artistic mirror of honesty that captures human beauty in its purest form. Herb understands this and has captured it perfectly in his photographs.

Find more pictures by Herb Schatten on Instagram @schatten_kuenstler. His podcast is also very interesting and entertaining. Modellgespräche.


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