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Matthias Naumann, born in 1957, is a multi-talented photographer from Dresden. His camera accompanies him on his travels through Europe, North Africa, Nepal and North and South America. He presents the fascinating impressions of his adventures in numerous lectures on travel photography. In addition to landscape photography, he specialises in people photography. He is interested in people with all their moods and emotions. At 10Fotos, Matthias concentrates exclusively on people photography.

His paintings are meant to leave room for the viewer's own interpretations and stories, which are often as contradictory as life itself. Matthias works with adults of all ages and genders, seeking a deeper connection by entering into a dialogue with his models and learning more about them. This often leads to long term collaborations as he values the personal exchange.

Matthias' preference for black and white photography is obvious, but he does not rule out the use of colour. Flexibility is his hallmark, not only in the choice of models, but also in the design of his images.

Thanks to his training as a social pedagogue, Matthias has the necessary empathy when dealing with people. This is reflected in his shoots, which are characterised by trust and playful interaction. He gives minimal instructions to maintain the natural flow and unforced emotionality of the images.

His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions as well as in publications such as books and magazines, highlighting his wide range and artistic diversity.

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10Photos says: Matthias doesn't show us classic portraits. His creative images show people in all their facets. What inspires us is the naturalness and informality of the people portrayed, which can be clearly seen, almost felt. Matthias is able to capture the imagination of the viewer and discover stories that may or may not be true. But that is what makes his work so exciting and even entertaining.

More pictures of Matthias can be found on his website www.aqua-foto.com and Instagram @aquafoto, Facebook @matthias.naumann.146 as well as on STRKNG.


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